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The Chardonel grape is a cross of Seyval and Chardonnay, and was originally developed in the 1950s. Seyval is a grape that flourishes in our Missouri climate and Chardonnay, of course, possesses well-known winemaking characteristics. Chardonel has been in production in Missouri since the early 1990s.

Our Chardonel is usually at optimal sugar, acid and pH levels in early September, around Labor Day. At that time, we pick the grapes by hand, place them in 25-pound picking lugs, transfer them to 1500-pound bins, haul them to the winery and crush them within a few hours of picking. We use only the free-run juice that comes from the press with minimal pressure- this is the highest quality juice- to make Bethlehem Valley wine.

Following a 6-month fermentation and aging process, the wine matures in the bottle for another 6 months before it is released. Aging in the French oak barrel creates aromas and flavors with soft wood tones and buttery, fresh fruit notes.